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When it comes to online education, most people already think about Distance Education (Distance Education), and yes, in fact, Distance Education is rather a form of online education, where it is possible to study and graduate at home. 

Soon, lately, the term online education has become increasingly spoken, since due to the pandemic of Coronavirus, several schools, if not all, closed to prevent the spread of the disease, so education has been taken to children and adolescents through the internet. In today’s article, you will be able to better understand and understand the term online education and see notable differences between Distance Education (Distance Education) and remote education. So stay tuned to get out of here on top of everything!

What is online teaching/education and how does it work?

Online education is nothing more than a way to pass on teaching, in the same way that it is passed on in school, only in this, the student does not need to go to school, because he will have the opportunity to see all subjects, contents, evaluations, activities and etc., without having to leave home. This all happens, thanks to the advancement of technology and modernization, which has made people find greater ease and flexibility, whether it is time to work or study at home, for example.

With this, within the term “online education”, we can see some types of education, such as Distance Education, which is universities, which offer vocational courses, specialization, graduations, graduate programs and etc., and so, you can study at home having the full support and support of the university, attending classes, obtaining material such as books, slides and others, having the chance to graduate in the area you identify and so , to be able to have other greater opportunities in your life.

In addition, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, another type of online education has emerged. It’s not that it wasn’t used, but it is that today, it has had a greater number of use, which is remote education. 

It started to be used by a larger number of people, using different platforms such as Google Meet (a tool for video-call meetings), for example.

Thus, the teacher has contact with the student, being able to talk to him at the time of the call, where the student can ask questions, answer questions and much more. 

Thus, a teaching becomes more dynamic and students have the opportunity to learn at home, so that the year does not become “lost”, since Covid-19 ended up preventing students from studying, as well as, that people could work and etc.

What advantages is online education/education capable of offering?

Studying through an online education is able to offer the student incredible advantages. However, teachers and stakeholders also receive the opportunity to enjoy these advantages as well. 

Therefore, the student has the opportunity to study in the place that feels most comfortable, in peace, having even more chances to learn, than in the school environment itself, since it will be focused only on what is being passed on to him, where other people will not take the focus.

In addition, the student can become more interactive and become more involved in classes, being able to express their opinions, ask their doubts, and not feel intimidated with other colleagues. 

With regard to online education for vocational courses, interested students have the opportunity to be able to pay for much cheaper tuition fees that fit in their pockets. 

Teachers, will have the opportunity to prepare content and really review what you have prepared, without interruptions to complain to a student who is talking or making a mess, in addition to others.

Remote education

Remote education is the one recently chosen by schools, so that students do not go without learning, due to the Coronavirus that led to the closure of them. 

Therefore, it is done by platform such as Google Meet or another online video calling platform, where the student and teacher will be at home, but will maintain a real-time contact. 

Thus, the teacher passes on his class to the students and the same, at the same moment, can take their questions, ask questions, give their opinions and etc.

Distance education (EaD)

Distance education, on the other hand, is the one in which the student chooses to do it. There are several Brazilian Universities that offer distance courses and you can both pay for them, as you can bake through vestibular, ENEM and etc. In this type of online education, the student obtains access to class materials, such as video lessons, books, slides and through them, learns about certain subjects related to the area he has decided to follow.

Unlike remote education, where students are in videoconferences with “live” teachers at EAD, the student receives the ready-made classes, already recorded, not having as much opportunity for questioning as happens in remote classes. 

However, distance education is a great opportunity for those who want to become professional, being able to take courses in all possible areas and having the chance to graduate at home.

Final considerations

You could see during this article that distance education (Distance education) and remote education are different from each other, but that the two, make the student able to have his learning, receiving knowledge wherever he is.

If you are a student, know that opportunities will only grow and appear more and more for you, from the moment you dedicate yourself to your studies. This is because, nowadays, those who are studied have much more opportunity than who is not. 

So if you want to grow up and become someone, study. Don’t miss the opportunity offered to you so simply. Study, value each lesson that each teacher has prepared to pass on to you, because i know everything. Thinking of it, you go far.

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